We are now fundraising for Porty Pride 2022! If you'd like to contribute, click here to donate with gofundme or use the button at the top of the page.

Porty Pride is a volunteer LGBTQ+ community group. We aim to represent the LGBTQ+ residents of Portobello and mix together the experience of LGBTQ+ people within the community spirit of Portobello. LGBTQ+ people enrich Porty life, and we want to celebrate this within our communities.

Porty Pride came about in 2021 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Understandably, Pride marches were cancelled during the pandemic, yet this inevitably dimmed the visibility of LGBTQ+ communities, many of whom were facing additional challenges and discrimination exacerbated by Covid-19. We understood why we couldn't come together to march during the pandemic, but this didn't remove the need for Pride.

In 2021 we celebrated Pride Month by flying Progress flags along Portobello High Street. It was a huge success and created a positive and safe environment for the local community.

Off the back of this success, we are excited to announce that in June 2022, on the weekend of the 18th / 19th, we will launch the first-ever Porty Pride. This year we need your help!

We would love Porty Pride 2022 to be a real community event. We're in the process of applying to become a Community Interest Company. For Porty Pride 2022 we would love to supply all businesses along Portobello High Street, and Prom with a Progress Flag, as well as create some Porty Pride merchandise. All funds will be used to cover these costs and contribute to the future of Porty Pride. We have even more ambitious ideas to grow Porty Pride into a real festival.

Already local groups and businesses are busy planning events and activities for the weekend, and we've received lots of interest from local media.

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If you want to give some time and energy to help us make Porty Pride 2022 brilliant, we'd love to have you!

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